Profiles (Grooms)

Dr sujay(MBBS, MD-Coorg-1990

Name: Dr. Sujay
Birth: 1990
Education: MBBS, MD
Occupation: Doctor
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Coorg

Umesh J(B.Sc-Pune-1991)

Name: Umesh Javalagi
Birth: 1991
Education: B.Sc
Occupation: Service (ADP pvt ltd) Pune
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Pune

Deepak R(B.Com-Gadag-1989)

Name: Deepak R
Birth: 1989
Education: B. Com
Occupation: Software Engineer ( Assistant Manager )
Caste: Hindu Devang

Mahaling J(B.Com-Mahalingpur-1992)

Name: Mahaling
Birth: 1992
Education: B. Com
Occupation: Accountant
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Mahalingpur

Sandesh P(B.E-Kalburgi-1989)

Name: Sandesh P
Birth: 1989
Education: B.E
Occupation: H.R
Caste: Lingayat Hatagar
City: Kalburgi

Sagar K(PUC-Solapur-1996)

Name: Sagar
Birth: 1996
Education: 12th science
Occupation: -
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Solapur

Bhushan K(M.S-Germany-1988)

Name: Bhushan Kargi
Birth: 1988
Education: M.S. Mechanical
Occupation: R&D Engineer
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Germany

Vinod H(Diploma-Shindikurbet-1996)

Name: Vinod
Birth: 1996
Education: Diploma
Occupation: Costruction Work
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Shindikurbet

Milind K(B.A-Belagavi-1987)

Name: Milind
Birth: 1987
Education: BA
Occupation: Medical Representative
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Belgaum

Yogesh N(B.Com-Solapur-1990)

Name: Yogesh Siddharudha Nimbale
Birth: 1990
Education: B.Com
Occupation: Business (Jewellery)
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Solapur

Pranav A(M.Pharm-Pune-1987)

Name: Pranav Dipak Amale
Birth: 1987
Education: M.pharm
Occupation: Senior medical coder
Caste: Hindu Nekar
City: Pune

Vinay D(ME-Solapur-1990)

Name: Vinay D
Birth: 1990
Education: M.E. (Master of Engineering)
Occupation: Senior software Developer in Pune
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Solapur
Note: 2nd Marriage

Sachin G(Diploma-Bangalore-1992)

Name: Sachin G
Birth: 1992
Education: Diploma
Occupation: Business
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Bangalore

Dr Anil (BAMS-Yadagir-1994)

Name: Dr Anil Kumar
Birth: 1994
Education: BAMS
Occupation: Medical Hospital
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Shahapur

Dr. Sagar D(M.B.B.S-Gokak-1995)

Name: Sagar C D
Birth: 195
Education: M B B S
Occupation: Govt Doctor
Caste: Hindu Devang (Hatagar)
City: Shindikurbet

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