Profiles (Brides)

Supriya N(M.Com-Bhadravathi-1997)

Name: Supriya N
Birth: 1997
Education: MBBS, MS
Occupation: -
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Bhadravathi

Dr Ramitha(MBBS,MS-Bangalore-1994)

Name: Dr Ramitha T S
Birth: 1994
Education: MBBS, MS
Occupation: Doctor
Caste: -
City: Bangalore

Kavita K(B.E-Ilkal-1991)

Name: Kavita K
Birth: 1991
Education: B.E
Occupation: Quest Global
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Ilakall, Bagalkot

Priya D(MBA-Hukkeri-1996)

Name: Priya
Birth: 1996
Education: BBA,MBA (Finance, HR)
Occupation: Galigar Company
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Hukkeri

Shweta Y(MCA-Ilkal-1994)

Name: Shweta Y
Birth: 1994
Education: MCA
Occupation: Software Engineer
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Ilkal

Vandana G(B.E-Chitradurga-1998)

Name: Vandana G
Birth: 1998
Education: B.E
Occupation: SW Engineer
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Chitradurga

Dr. Jyotsana G(MBBS, MD,Kasaragod-1992)

Name: Dr. Jyotsana
Birth: 1992
Education: MBBS, MD
Occupation: SR at Mysore Medical College
Caste: Hindu Padmashali
City: Kasaragod

Priyanka M(BCA-Ichalkaranji-1995)

Name: Priyanka M
Birth: 1995
Education: BCA
Occupation: Service
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Ichalakarnji

Basavaraajeshwari(B.Sc, B,Ed,Kalaburagi-1997)

Name: Basavaraajeshwari
Birth: 1997
Education: B.Sc, B,Ed
Occupation: High school teacher.
Caste: Hindu Nekar
City: Kalaburagi

Mayuri U(B-Pharm,Ichalakaranji-1998)

Name: Mayuri Urane
Birth: 1998
Education: B Pharmacy
Occupation: Professor
Caste: Hindu Hatagar
City: Ichalakaranji

Soumya G(,Ramdurg-1995)

Name: Soumya Gokavi
Birth: 1995
Education: M.Com
Occupation: Article assistant
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Ramdurg

Ankitha K(MBA,Mangalore-1995)

Name: Ankitha K
Birth: 1995
Education: MBA
Occupation: HR
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Mangalore

Akanksha N(MCS,Pune-1987)

Name: Akanksha N
Birth: 1987
Education: MCS
Occupation: Sr Software Consultant
Caste: Lingayat Koshti
City: Pune

Shruti T(B.A.M.S-Pandharpur-1997)

Name: Dr. Shruti T
Birth: 1997
Education: B.A.M.S.
Occupation: Internship
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Pandharpur

Deepa K(B.E,Guledagudd-1994)

Name: Deepa Katti
Birth: 1994
Education: BE (CS)
Occupation: -
Caste: Hindu Devang
City: Guledagudd

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